Why the “Craiul” pension? – See the film and convince yourself!

  • The daily, may it be blamed…

The outdoor activities are one of the most accesible ways we can afford, especially in our country. We reffer to mountain, fresh air, strolls, fire camp, friends and food. Our daily life can be very stressful and obliges us, as our mothers usually say, to not take care of us. Taking care of you often comes in second. Little physical activity, some food “now and then”, a lot of work to do and some extra work received from your boss as bonus. When week-end comes the only friend we have is our bed from the wonderful concrete cave in which we live together with another 80 neighbours. They also sleep. All these are part of the normal life.

  • Do something for you and only you, for better and for worse

When have you last gone out of the house? And we are not talking about the park near the boulevard, nor of the coffeeshop around the corner, but of going out of your grey concrete world.

  • Your bedroom doesn’t smell like forest.

Imagine how it is like sleeping in a room made of trees. That is a wooden room. What would you think about? The “Craiul” pension is made of 452 cubic meters of fir tree. But not of the fir trees from your balcony. Moreover, new trees have been planted because this is the right thing to do. We even watered them!

  • Food as our neighbour uses to make

The best food, especially after a stroll outdoors, is the one made by others. The name of our cook from the pension is Violeta and she makes delicious dishes. She is violet only during her spare time! And if you are interested, find out that she received the third place at the “Traditional gastronomy” contest, which took place during the “Rural Tourism Natinal Fair – Albac 2008”. Many of our clients wanted to steel her from us, but don’t you even dare!

  • What can you do?

You can scour the hills and mountain which offer you some wonderful landscapes. One of these is the “Cheile Vaii Morilor” reservation, full of outbreaks, caves and avens. It is situated approximately 5 km away from the pension. If you are lazier you can see 5 sights along 5 km: the Deontological Reservation “Dealul cu melci”, the Pisoaia Waterfall, the “Avram Iancu” Memorial House and Museum, the 1712 “Sfintii Trei Ierarchi” Wooden Church and the“Sfintii Arhangheli” River stone Church. The sixth sight you come across is a bonus – “Vidra Ethnographical Exhibition”. You can be lazier than that or you can alternate strolls with pension activities. We offer you a club with tennistable, darts and other games, tv in each room, even a 84 cm plat screen tv, where you can watch any channel you like and, althought we do not recommend it, you can even watch your favourite soap opera. We also have fitness, hydromassage, slates, skis, bykes and horses for wagon/slate rides. If you want you can ride Stelu and Puiu, our horses.

  • “Tehnical” data

Location: Lunca village, Vidra commune, Alba county. Closest towns and distances: Campeni 12 km; Turda 102 km; Alba Iulia 93 km; Cluj-Napoca 132 km; Oradea 153 km; Sibiu 166 km; Hunedoara 127 km. Capacity: 4 rooms with 2 beds, one room with double bed and one matrimonial room; that means it is suitable for 12 “normal” persons as well as for 24 “good for crowding” persons. All rooms have their own bath, and for those who are not acquainted with water there is no excuse because we have hot water all the time. Restaurant: we have Terrace: we have three of them Swimming pool: we don’t have Rollerblades track: can you manage a downhill? Parking lot: free because bear doesn’t receive tips We didn’t convince you? We still have a shot. Go to our site and pay us a visit We are expecting you!

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